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I love living here in Northeast Ohio and everything this area has to offer - the local and national parks, the lake, the cities. My husband and I enjoy visiting local restaurants, going to Cavs games, hiking with our dog, and traveling.

After our daughter came home, I attended a local children's consignment sale. I was hooked instantly! I love shopping for a great deal and seeing what great finds pop up each time! I also love consigning, watching my list of items sell never gets old!

I'm so excited to be able to provide this opportunity to so many moms and families in the Medina and surrounding areas.

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I would be honored to help you sell your high quality children's items. Rhea Lana's events have helped us stretch our family budgets and we hope to help you do the same for yours.

If you have questions about the sale and would like to contact us about our Northeast OH event, please call, text or email - I'd love to hear from you!

Jillian Jarosz Cremona
[email protected]

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